Sky News TV interview with Lomborg

Sky News TV, Australia. Aug 21, 2012.

What can we learn from Australia's carbon tax? Is the Australian policy of a carbon tax, or a price of carbon, a good policy? What is the likelihood that the rest of the world will move in the same direction? Bjorn Lomborg joined Peter Van Onselen and Paul Kelly at Sky News Australian Agenda for a discussion. BL - If you ask any climate economist, they will tell you; yes, a low carbon tax is actually an academically correct argument. But it is politically incredibly divisive, and it won’t actually do very much. It is really barking up the wrong three, and I think we have seen exactly that happen in Australia. Both in the sense Australia has shown the world, it very hard to get a compromise on a Carbon Tax, but also it takes attention away from what would have actually worked, namely focusing on innovation so that we could make green energy so cheap that everyone would want to buy it.  

22 Aug 2012

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Sky News TV Australia


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