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John Kerry's private jet use shows how hard it is to actually cut emissions


John Kerry's private jet trip across continents to accept a climate award shows that we will never fix climate change with 'just manage with less' slogans.

Kerry is really honestly showing us that you can’t just ask people to cut back on flying, cut back on driving, cut back on heating and cooling the house. Dealing with climate change is a lot harder than the slogans would suggest. And even if we all stopped flying and switched to electric cars, the climate impact would be very small. 

We need a smarter and cheaper approach than the current one offered: an approach that doesn’t cost trillions and has virtually no impact in a hundred years and one that doesn't severely restrict us in our way of living.

What we need is an investment in innovation, to make green energy so much cheaper than fossil fuels. Then, everyone will switch. Innovation can eventually make green energy so much cheaper that we’ll use it to heat and cool our homes, drive our car, and even power Kerry’s private plane.

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