Fixing the World, Bang-for-the-Buck Edition: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

"Here’s $2.5 trillion. You have 15 years to spend it. How do you distribute this money in a way that will achieve the most good for the world?"

Bjorn Lomborg just did a podcast with Freakonomics on his think tank's "Post-2015" project on the Sustainable Development Goals. It is the podcast for the #1 selling Freakonomics book, a #1-ranked podcast, with more than 5 million monthly downloads.

One of the comments the listeners left reads: "FASCINATING Freakonomics podcast this week. With so much bad news lately, it was heartening to hear that people are spending so much time and effort to fix things, to fix things right, and to make the most impact possible."

Listen to the podcast on Freakonomics Radio