Climate aid is a poor response to global challenges

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's diversion of $1 billion of development funds to climate aid might please climate activists at the Paris summit, but it's one of the least effective ways of helping the world's poor.

What would help is support for an end to the $680 billion wasted on annual fossil fuel subsidies that not only increase CO₂ but suck dry the public purse in many developing countries, keeping funds from areas that need it.

In diverting money to climate aid, Turnbull joins US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who will each invest $4.15 billion ($US3 billion) in the UN's Green Climate Fund Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, who is shifting $12.5 billion (£6 billion) from overseas aid to climate-related aid over five years; and summit host French President Francois Hollande, who pledges $7.3 billion (€5 billion) annually by 2020. This adds up to a massive, immoral waste.

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7 Dec 2015

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The Age