Blackouts in Texas highlight importance of reliable energy

The Texas rolling black-outs have become a Rorschach test where everyone sees what they’d like to see. Wind skeptics point out that wind turbines are frozen, renewable energy campaigners point out that gas, coal and nuclear power plants also cut out.  But the much more fundamental point is: Not having enough power when you need it can be deadly. This is relevant for the attempt by the Biden administration to get rid of fossil fuels in the electricity sector by 2035. It will create a lot of problems, especially if it is focused on intermittent renewables.

Bjorn Lomborg argued in an interview with FOX and Friends that we need to invest a lot more in green innovation — basically ways that could generate green power much cheaper than fossil fuels and still very reliably. This would be cheaper solar and wind, but also focus on baseload power like cheaper nuclear, fusion, and ways to mitigate the problems like much better batteries.

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16 Feb 2021

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