We had terrific feedback from our Members who greatly appreciated hearing Bjorn's views and having the opportunity to debate the issues with him. I personally found it to be a very stimulating and worthwhile session.

- Tim Aiken, President of the Nickel Institute, on Bjorn Lomborg's October 2013 talk.

Brilliant, challenging and, most of all, sensible. Bjorn Lomborg brings some much needed context to the climate change debate, and he's a wonderfully engaging speaker.

- David Nott, President, Reason Foundation

Bjorn recently contributed to a panel discussion for the Swiss Management Association and as expected, he was thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. It was a pleasure having him on the panel.

- Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft SMG

Bjorn took part in our inaugural client conference which brought together major investment institutions from around the world. His presentation, 'The Right Investment Strategy to Get a Better World -and Environment' was exceptionally good and warmly received by our clients. He did exactly what we asked by giving a clear and provocative presentation that triggered a lively debate.

- Walter Scott and Partners, Ltd.

We engaged Lomborg to speak at the annual District Heating Conference. He delivered a both inspiring and entertaining speech that obviously hit home. He is an excellent speaker with a message that resonates long afterwards. The speech made the attendees talked passionately on the subjects afterwards during the breaks and during the evening dinner. Lomborg is surely on our list of speakers to invite back.

- Pia Zimmermann, DBDH Danish Board of District Heating

Bjorn is an engaging speaker, making important arguments about a subject of utmost policy relevance. Cool It is an excellent resource debunking recurrent myths about climate change and ways of addressing it, and proposing a bold policy agenda, which has been gaining prominence since the release of the film. My colleagues and I were delighted to host Bjorn in London for a screening and dinner discussion.

- Dalibor Rohac, Legatum Institute

Bjorn Lomborg attracted more than 540 people to the ISEEE Distinguished Speaker Series – a new attendance record for our seven-year-old series. Bjorn is an excellent speaker, and he delivered an energetic, thoughtful and compelling talk. The feedback we received from the audience and the series sponsor was overwhelmingly positive, both for his talk and his visit to Calgary.

- Mark Lowey, Communications Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy Environment and Economy, University of Calgary

Each year we invite a world class keynote speaker from outside the industry to our international conference. Last year, Bjorn delivered a thought provoking and stimulating presentation, an impressive combination of intellect, enthusiasm and eloquence.

- Andrew Mallison, Director General, IFFO International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation

Bjorn Lomborg is a fearless, unorthodox thinker who has greatly energised the international debate on sustainable growth without falling in the trap of boundless optimism nor in useless pessimism.

- Universiteit van Amsterdam, European Regional Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, The Hague, The Netherlands

Lomborg is an excellent speaker delivering a powerful message. We were delighted to host him in Abu Dhabi as a part of the World Future Energy Summit.

- MASDAR World Future Energy Summit 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lomborg is an engaging and passionate speaker. His thought-provoking message on how to prioritise spending to achieve a better world generated lively discussion throughout the conference, and he adapted the address well to our Australian audience. We thank him for helping to make our event a resounding success.

- ADC Forum, Hayman Island, Australia

Lomborg was definitely the best speaker at our conference. His content was very interesting and fits well with “data analytics” but in a different domain than ours. People liked him very much. He is telling his story in a very passionate way, walking around and having good material. He got an average score of 4.15 on a total of 5. This was the highest rating, also, the longest applause was for him, so this says it all!

- Teradata Universe Conference 2013.