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23 Dec2007

Time: Eco-Rebels

Published by Time

Maybe it happened the day after Hurricane Katrina or the night Al Gore won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth, but the first phase of the global-warming debate has ended. Even Skeptic-in-Chief George W. Bush recently convened a global-warming summit, where Condoleezza Rice told foreign diplomats that "climate change is a real problem--and human beings are contributing to it." Read full article

4 Oct2007

New York Times: ‘Feel Good’ vs. ‘Do Good’ on Climate

Published by New York Times

By John Tierney Last week's column about Bjorn Lomborg's ideas for combatting global warming generated lots of angry comments, including the suggestion that Dr. Lomborg and I be fed to polar bears. I was more interested in what Seth Masia had to say about the Copenhagen Consensus, which is Dr. Lomborg's project for bringing experts together to set priorities in tackling global problems... Read also: Tierney-Lab: Economists vs. Ecologists Read more

23 Sep2007

Riz Khan Show at Al Jazeera, July 23, 2007

Published by Al Jazeera

July 23, 2007 Riz Khan talks to Bjorn Lomborg, the author of 'The Skeptical Environmentalist' who challenges widely held beliefs that the state of the environment is worsening. Watch this on YouTube

12 Sep2007

Fox News, Sept 5, 2007

Published by Fox News

Read the interview on Fox News

12 Sep2007

Michael Crichton,

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Bjørn Lomborg is the best-informed and most humane advocate for environmental change in the world today. Full review (PDF)

12 Sep2007

Politiken, Sept. 4 2007

Lomborgs kølige kamp mod dommedagsprædikanterne. Miljøforkæmpere har i snart 10 år forsøgt at fryse Bjørn Lomborg ud af debatten. Men han lader sig ikke kyse. I 'Cool it' gør han endnu et bravt forsøg på at mane til besindighed, før klimapanikken tager overhånd. Las hele anmeldelsen (PDF)

12 Sep2007

Morning Edition, NPR, September 10, 2007

Published by NPR

Bjorn Lomborg calls himself a "skeptical environmentalist." Critics say he is an anti-environmentalist. In his new book, Cool It, he argues that global warming is not so important that tens of billions of dollars should be spent trying to prevent it. Lomborg discusses the issue with Steve Inskeep. Listen to the interview