Transatlantyk Glocal Hero Award for Bjorn Lomborg

Glocal Hero Award – for the person whose work has both a local and a global impact – will go to Bjørn Lomborg, named by The Guardian as “one of 50 people who can save the planet”. Bjørn Lomborg also made an appearance at the Polish premiere of Ondi Timoner’s “Cool It” on Saturday, August 6th at Multikino 51 at 5 P.M. The documentary focuses on the facts and myths regarding global warming, introduces the audience to the scientist behind the film, which is the main event of the Transatlantyk Eco section. Bjørn Lomborg took part in the debate about counteracting climate change effects. The Danish scientist, writer, and celebrity wrote a book about global warming that has been translated into 17 languages. World Economic Forum named him Global Leader for Tomorrow; he has been published by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economist, The Guardian, The Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, and appeared on Larry King Live. In his Consensus Center project he gathered the world’s top economists (including five Nobel Prize winners) to search for an answer to a question on how to do the most good having limited resources. As a result two books were written, “Global Crisis, Global Solutions” and “How to Spend Fifty Billion to Make the World a Better Place”. 

17 Aug 2011

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