Lomborg's op-ed in Forbes: Help the Poor with Free Trade

Help the Poor With Free Trade by Bjorn Lomborg, 02.25.2009 Forbes Magazine, dated March 16, 2009. On My MindIf you want to save the globe, start by increasing global trade. Hundreds of London's bankers joining the dole queue, America's corporate leaders pleading for a government handout: These are the vivid images of the financial crisis captured by the media. Victims in the developing world, by contrast, are easy to overlook. The planet's most burdened inhabitants will suffer once as their fragile economies contract, and again as rich nations pull up their drawbridges and retreat into protectionism. Tragically, this is the wrong response. Completing the Doha Round of free trade negotiations--dragging on into its eighth year--would be the biggest global stimulus package imaginable. 

5 Mar 2009

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