Lomborg's new op-ed: Is global warming always worse than expected?

Let the data speak for itself

Bjorn Lomborg, Tuesday October 14 2008 08.00 BST 

Despite the message favoured by environmental campaigners, temperatures in this decade have not been worse than expected

Have you noticed how environmental campaigners almost inevitably say that not only is global warming happening and bad, but also that what we are seeing is even worse than expected? This is odd, because any reasonable understanding of how science proceeds would expect that, as we refine our knowledge, we find that things are sometimes worse and sometimes better than we expected, and that the most likely distribution would be about 50-50. Environmental campaigners, however, almost invariably see it as 100-0.

Read the entire article here Here from Guardian this article goes out to about 350 newspapers worldwide. Important: though it is cleared in the Guardian article, at the bottom in some papers it says incorrectly: "They (temperatures) have actually decreased by between 0.01 and 0.1C per year." It should be "per decade". BL Guardian Oct 14 2008

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15 Oct 2008

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