Lomborg's debate with Tickell on Guardian

Oliver Tickell, Monday August 11 2008:
On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction
There's no 'adaptation' to such steep warming. We must stop pandering to special interests, and try a new, post-Kyoto strategy

Björn Lomborg, Friday August 15 2008:
Warming warnings get overheated
Alarmist predictions of climate change like Oliver Tickell's are not just bad science – they stop us thinking rationally about solutions

Oliver Tickell Thursday August 21 2008:
Insurance for our planet
Spending money now to slow global warming can ensure that ruinous catastrophe never happens

Björn Lomborg, Wednesday August 27 2008:
A warming theory that has melted away
In defending his strategy for fighting climate change, Oliver Tickell abandons his entire argument

28 Aug 2008

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