Lomborg: Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt

Interview with Bjorn Lomborg. 

John Allemang From Saturday's Globe and Mail Published on Friday, Nov. 27 2009

Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt. The controversial Bjorn Lomborg doesn't deny global warming. But he believes it's ‘an incredibly bad deal' to spend so much money on cutting carbon emissions, he tells John Allemang.

Former Danish statistics professor Bjorn Lomborg created a storm of controversy when he published The Skeptical Environmentalist , a 1998 work that was denounced by scientists for its cost-benefit critique of the Kyoto Protocol but also praised for its willingness to challenge environmental orthodoxy. Dr. Lomborg published a follow-up book, Cool It , a decade later and is now the director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, which explores how to do the greatest good in the world with limited economic resources. On Dec. 1, he will take part in the Munk Debate on climate change in Toronto. John Allemang spoke to him this week. (...)

30 Nov 2009


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