Lomborg is 65th on Foreign Policy's 100 Top Global Thinkers list

65. Bjorn Lomborg for questioning whether we're going after climate change right.

POLITICAL SCIENTIST | DENMARK Climate activists aren't terribly fond of Bjorn Lomborg. But economists -- and increasingly, some environmentalists -- think he might be onto something. That's because for the last decade, the Danish political scientist has been asking the tough question about how the world should respond to global warming: Is it worth it? Lomborg, as he makes clear in his provocative new book, Smart Solutions to Climate Change, doesn't deny that the planet is heating up. But we can do more good in the world, he argues, if we stop and think before plowing more money and time into questionable political solutions like cap and trade. Lomborg would rather see more resources directed to problems like malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. As for climate change, dollar for dollar, he told Foreign Policy, "We can do 500 times more good if we do it right." 

7 Dec 2010

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Foreign Policy