Green Energy Is the Real Subsidy Hog

2013-11-11 Subsidizing first-generation, inefficient green energy might make well-off people feel good about themselves, but it won't transform the energy market. Yet when inefficient green subsidies are criticized, their defenders can be relied on to point out that the world subsidizes fossil fuels even more heavily. But the misinformation surrounding energy subsidies is considerable, and it helps keep the world from enacting sensible policy. In Wall Street Journal, Lomborg debunks three popular myths about fossil-fuel subsidies and argues that we should not subsidize either fossil fuels or green energy.  Green-energy initiatives must instead focus on innovations, making new generations of technology work better and cost less. This will eventually power the world in a cleaner and cheaper way than fossil fuels. That effort isn't aided by the perpetuation of myths. 

11 Nov 2013