Cyclones and Global Warming

NOVEMBER 22, 2009, Wall Street Journal 

Cyclones and Global Warming:  A survivor in India says carbon cuts won't help.   

By BJØRN LOMBORG  Global warming has captured the attention of politicians around the world. The following article is part of a series leading up to the December United Nations conference in Copenhagen on how ordinary people in different countries view the issue:  One week after Cyclone Aila flattened Lakshmi Bera's mud, bamboo and thatched grass house in May, a Copenhagen Consensus researcher found her family of five under the open sky. Their only protection was a plastic tarp.  "We have been living on a bowl of rice for the past few days", said 35-year-old Mrs. Bera. "The food that we had stocked up was lost. Whatever water we are getting we are sharing with our cattle, since the animals too are suffering. The only clothes we have left are the ones we are wearing." 

9 Dec 2009