Climate change decisions should be based on science, not political activism

Better to leave it off. Bjørn Lomborg: Stefan Rahmstorf is a respected climate change scientist but by labelling me a 'spin doctor' who 'fools the public' he shows weakness in his argument on sea level rises Bjørn Lomborg, Guardian, Monday 9 March 2009 12.58 GMT In an article in the Guardian last month, I criticised an effort by a group of scientists and activists to cast aside the consensus view of thousands of scientists from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The group is organising an emergency summit on global warming in Copenhagen this month. The organiser calls the IPCC's work "wishy-washy" and says her conference is "not a regular scientific conference. This is a deliberate attempt to influence policy." (...)  

17 Mar 2009

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