Alarmism At World Bank Endangers Poverty Reduction

2013-07-01 The World Bank offers a shoddy climate catastrophe in its latest report. It is depressing the World Bank has embraced this worst-case thinking in a series of highly tendentious reports, co-written by Germany's leading doomsayer Schellnhuber and Bill Hare, long-term Climate Policy Director for Greenpeace. The report estimates that temperatures will increase 0.7°C in about 20 years (by the 2030s, page 22). This is far outside the current reality. It is almost twice as the rate of temperature increase over the past 160 years. It is exactly twice the rate of the 1980s and 1990s, when temperatures rose the fastest. And given the almost flat recent temperature, it is more than 4000% the speed of the temperature rise in this century so far. (...) 

2 Jul 2013

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Huffington Post