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26 Apr2010

Lomborg on CNN Amanpour

Published by CNN

CNN'S AMANPOUR A New Look at the Climate Change Debate Aired February 24, 2010 - 15:00:00 ET AMANPOUR: (...) Are Senator Inhofe's claims hot air or do they have merit? Joining me now from Washington to discuss all of this, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who's also the author of "Hot, Flat and Crowded," from Copenhagen, the renowned climate change skeptic, Bjorn Lomborg, who's author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist," and here in the studio, Jim Hansen, head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and who's credited with sparking...

26 Apr2010

Reaction on Lomborg's Earth Day op-ed

Published by National Review

National Review Online Wednesday, April 21, 2010 In Honor of Earth Day, Let's Have Some DDT by Veronique de Rugy Tomorrow is Earth Day. Preparing for the event, my daughter's first-grade class has been hard at work to show all the perils that our planet faces. Hoping to brighten her teacher and her classmates' day, I sent her to school with this USA Today article by the fantastic director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, Bjorn Lomborg, stating that: Given all the talk of impending catastrophe, this may come as a surprise, but as we approach the 40th anniversary of the first...

26 Apr2010

Lomborg's wish for Earth Day

Published by Vanity Fair

The Vanity Fair Earth Day video has posted. It's 4 min and Bjorn Lomborg appears in the first minute. He appears along the likes of Stephen Chu, Deepak Chopra, Frances Benecke and many more. An Eco Wish Forty years ago today, 20 million Americans stood up to promote environmental activism, and the modern environmental movement was born. Now more than 500 million people in 175 countries celebrate Earth Day. Since Earth Day is about changing human behavior and policy, it’s a good time to consider how one can make a difference in this new era of collaborative, interactive giving that I...

26 Apr2010

Lomborg's op-ed in AmNY

Published by AmNY

...but scare tactics only hurt fight against global warming Apr 22, 2010 By Bjorn Lomborg The recent revelations that some climate scientists have been exaggerating the likely impact of global warming left a lot of people wondering whether they could trust anything the environmental activists tell them. (...)

26 Apr2010

Lomborg about Earth Day - on MSNBC

Published by MSNBC

Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough Can green energy be cheap? An interview with Bjorn Lomborg

26 Apr2010

Lomborg about Earth Day - in Fox Business

Published by Fox Business

FOX Business April 23, 2010 Has Spending on Carbon Emissions Made a Difference? "Cool It" author Bjorn Lomborg argues we need to find a new strategy to improve the environment is that is better and cheaper. Watch it online

26 Apr2010

BR: Lomborg in Estado

Published by Estado de Sao Paulo

Confederação da agricultura traz céticos do clima para SP O Estado de S. Paulo - 30/03/2010 A Confederação Nacional da Agricultura (CNA) convidou dois famosos céticos do clima, Patrick Michaels e Bjorn Lomborg (foto), para participar de um fórum sobre desenvolvimento agropecuário e aquecimento global. Os dois acreditam que a Terra esteja esquentando, mas não acham que a prioridade seja cortar as emissões de gases de efeito estufa. O foco, para eles, é investir em tecnologia verde - Lomborg sugeriu que 0,2% do Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) mundial seja voltado para criar tecnologias de geração...

26 Apr2010

Interview with Lomborg in Policy (CIS-Australia)

Published by The Centre for Independent Studies

In January 2010, Lomborg was interviewed by Joel Malan, an Australian now living in Copenhagen. JM: The Skeptical Environmentalist drew on your background in statistics to reach a more holistic interpretation of existing research. I understand you are not a climatologist as such, but what contribution can statistics make to the climate change debate? BL: It’s about looking at what are the actual and aggregated impacts. Very often, we look at only specific instances such as more heat-wave deaths, which are absolutely true, but we fail to remember that fewer people will be dying from cold...

29 Mar2010

Lomborg on Al Jazeera: Counting the Cost - Business vs. the environment

Published by Al-Jazeera

Looking at the issues behind the trade of endangered species, plus Middle East banking. For interview with Lomborg: see 10:40-15:10.

25 Mar2010

Lomborg's op-ed: Cars, Bombs, and Climate Change

Published by Project Syndicate

COPENHAGEN – For the better part of a decade, I have upset many climate activists by pointing out that there are far better ways to stop global warming than trying to persuade governments to force or bribe their citizens into slashing their reliance on fuels that emit carbon dioxide. What especially bugs my critics is the idea that cutting carbon is a cure that is worse than the disease – or, to put it in economic terms, that it would cost far more than the problem it is meant to solve. “How can that possibly be true?” they ask. “After all, we are talking about...