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16 Sep2021

Climate Change Saves More Lives Than You’d Think

Published by Wall Street Journal

Global warming does cause more heat deaths, but the editors’ statistic is deceptive. They say global heat deaths have gone up by 54% among old people in the past 20 years, but they fail to mention that the number of old people has risen by almost as much. Demographics drove most of the rise, not climate change.

13 Sep2021

Data contradicts climate-alarmist reporting

Published by Business Day

A new survey shows that many young people are terrified of climate change. Echoing what they have heard from alarmed campaigners, journalists and politicians, they are urging drastic policies based on the claim that the "climate apocalypse" is becoming more and more deadly. A closer look at the data, however, does not support this narrative at all. Over the past century, climate-related deaths have dropped an astounding 96%. And despite the sensationalist reporting about fires, heat and floods, 2021 is on track to achieve a century-long climate-related death risk decline of 99.7%.

11 Sep2021

Do the maths for the real story on climate disasters

Published by The Australian

Media gives outsized attention to plane crashes. But lots of stories of plane crashes do not provide a good insight into transport safety. You need statistics to realise that planes are much safer than cars. Climate alarmist reporting is causing the same problem with ever-proliferating stories about extreme heatwaves, floods and fires. This gale of ghastly tragedies argues that out-of-control climate change is causing ever deadlier calamities. Yet this narrative is contradicted by the data.

8 Sep2021

The World Is Getting Safer From Floods

Published by Wall Street Journal

Though the images of abandoned cars in waterlogged East Coast streets might make you think otherwise, the relative toll that floods take on the U.S.—in property and lives—has decreased over time. Flooding costs as a share of gross domestic product declined almost 10-fold since 1903 to 0.05% of GDP, while annual flood death risk—fatalities per million—dropped almost threefold. World-wide data are sparser, but flood research shows costs relative to GDP and deaths relative to population have decreased globally from 1980 to 2010.

3 Sep2021

Hurricane Ida Isn’t the Whole Story on Climate

Published by Wall Street Journal

Hurricane season has arrived in the Atlantic Ocean. Already this summer Hurricanes Henri and Ida have caused headline-generating damage and flooding in the Gulf states, the Southeast and the Middle Atlantic states. Yet despite what you may have heard, Atlantic hurricanes are not becoming more frequent. In fact, the frequency of hurricanes making landfall in the continental U.S. has declined slightly since 1900.

31 Aug2021

Kliimasoojenemine päästab elusid

Published by Postimees

Kliimasoojenemine ei ole apokalüpsis, vaid probleem, mille me peaksime targalt lahendama, kirjutab mõttekoja Copenhagen Consensus president Bjørn Lomborg.

13 Aug2021

Climate Alarmism - A Closer Look at the U.N. Report

Published by FOX News

Lomborg was also interviewed about the IPCC report by Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot for the Journal Editorial Report, FOX News.

9 Aug2021

Don’t buy the latest climate-change alarmism

Published by New York Post

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released its latest climate report, and reactions from politicians and media pundits could not have been more predictable. Fitting the apocalyptic narrative many have spun lately, the always-breathless Guardian literally summarized this scientific report as finding mankind “guilty as hell” of “climate crimes of humanity.” (Needless to say, the report never says any such things.)

7 Aug2021

Biden calls for electric vehicles to make up half of auto sales by 2030

Published by FOX News

Lomborg discussed US President Biden's executive order declaring that half of all new cars sold by 2030 must be electric on Fox and Friends.

5 Aug2021

Climate Change Doesn’t Cause All Disasters

Published by Wall Street Journal

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. That old quip, often attributed to Mark Twain or his friend Charles Dudley Warner, now guides most news coverage of severe weather. The media say that natural disasters are a result of climate change and we need to adopt radical policies to combat them.