Bjorn Lomborg

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19 Jun2022

Fossil-fuel price spikes are causing pain but little climate payoff

Published by New York Post

For three decades, climate campaigners have fought to make fossil fuels so expensive that people would be forced to abandon them. Their dream is becoming reality: Energy prices are spiraling out of control and will soon get even worse. Yet we are no closer to solving climate change.

17 Jun2022

India way ahead of any income group country in reaching Sustainable Development Goals. Here's a look

Published by The Economic Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has whittled away two years of economic development. It has also made it difficult for countries worldwide to adhere to 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets. The world pledged to, among other things, end extreme poverty, ensure universal healthcare and provide education for all children by 2030.

15 Jun2022

Biden administration may play a role in social media censorship on climate change

Published by FOX News

Bjorn Lomborg discussed the latest climate censorship ideas as well as Biden's national climate advisor making absurd claims about "billions of human beings across the world every year dying because it is related to climate or fossil fuels" in an interview with Dana Perino on FOX News.

6 Jun2022

Finding the best policies for the Philippines

Published by Inquirer

Despite having a substantial public budget, the Philippines does not have enough funds to do everything its citizens would like. It, therefore, has to prioritize among many worthy opportunities. In every country, the main role of the government is to prioritize policy options and investments. Hopefully, these policies will deliver the greatest benefit for each peso spent. These could well be effective investments in health such as rotavirus vaccinations, or in education such as structured teacher plans.

31 May2022

Want to alleviate world hunger? Ditch the organics

Published by Boston Herald

A global food crisis is looming, so policymakers everywhere need to think hard about how to make food cheaper and more plentiful. That requires making a commitment to producing more fertilizer and better seeds, maximizing the potential offered by genetic modification, and abandoning the rich world’s obsession with organics.

18 May2022

This is how tiny investments in health can generate vast results

Published by Nation

Despite having a substantial public budget, Kenya does not have enough funds to do everything its citizens would like. In that respect, Kenya is no different from any other country, rich or poor: It has to prioritise between many worthy opportunities.

14 May2022

What the new GCSE in global warming should teach

Published by Spectator

For years, environmentalists have campaigned for children to study global warming as a subject rather than simply as a part of geography. Their wish has now been granted in England with a new GCSE in natural history, starting from 2025. We know nothing yet about the syllabus but it’s quite the opportunity to ask what our planet’s problems really are, and how effective the net-zero agenda is as a solution.

6 May2022

Ukraine Crisis Reveals the Folly of Organic Farming

Published by Wall Street Journal

The energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine disabused many politicians of the notion that the world could make a swift transition to green energy powered by solar, wind and wishful thinking. As food prices skyrocket and the conflict threatens a global food crisis, we need to face another unpopular reality: Organic farming is ineffective, land hungry and very expensive, and it would leave billions hungry if it were embraced world-wide.

30 Apr2022

Deaths in climate-related disasters declined 99% from a century ago

Published by New York Post

A new United Nations report has revealed the disturbing news that the number of global disasters has quintupled since 1970 and will increase by another 40 percent in coming decades. They find that more people are affected by disasters than ever before, and the UN Deputy Secretary-General warns humanity is “on a spiral of self-destruction.”

14 Apr2022

Obsession with climate change distorts our priorities

Published by Financial Post

Over the past decade, the global elite’s obsession with climate change has taken away from the many other major problems facing the planet — shown most dramatically by the invasion of Ukraine. Western European leaders should have spent the past decade diversifying energy sources and expanding shale gas, instead of shutting down nuclear plants and becoming scarily reliant on Russia. But the looming war is far from the only thing they have managed to ignore.