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12 Nov2013

What do global problems cost us?

Published by TED Talks

Bjorn Lomborg gave a TED Talk in New York on How Much Have Global Problems Cost the World? A Scorecard from 1900 - 2050. He presents a new way to compare global problems and shows that the world is becoming a better, more livable place.

30 Sep2013

Lomborg comments on IPCC report for TV and radio stations worldwide

Broadcasters around the world booked Bjorn Lomborg as a commentator on the new report the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released on September 27. Moreover, his press release was printed in a multitude of newspapers and different languages. Lomborg's interviews include: Australia: ABC Radio National (Breakfast program), Greg Cary Show (4BC), Chris Smith Afternoon Show (Radio 2GB Sydney) Canada: Power & Politics (CBC), The John Oakley Morning Show (AM 640 Toronto) Denmark: Deadline (DR2), Pressen (DR P3), TV2 News, Dagen (DR2), Radio24syv United Kingdom: Newshour (BBC World...

27 Jun2013

Global denken, lokal bauen

Published by SWR

2013-06-27 Grüne Energietechnologie sei viel zu teuer, um international Akzeptanz zu finden, sagen Kritiker und fordern Grundlagenforschung. Ein deutscher Windradbauer macht vor, dass es auch anders geht. Seine Anlagen für windarme Regionen sind weltweit gefragt.

14 Jun2013

Realistic remedies for the world - Clean, affordable energy - The rational approach

Published by Ezra Levant Show

2013-06-08 Check out these videos of Bjørn Lomborg on the Ezra Levant Show. Realistic remedies for the world Clean, affordable energy The rational approach Realistic remedies for the world Clean, affordable energy The rational approach

2 Apr2013

Are electric cars improving?

Published by BBC

BBC Radio 4, Today programme Few things polarise opinion more than the electric car. It is either a great way to save the planet or a really bad way to get from A to B? The Today programme's Evan Davis wanted to find out more, and took a ride in one with an enthusiast and a sceptic. Bjorn Lomborg, the so-called Sceptical Environmentalist, having written a book of that name, has made a career attacking what he thinks are the irrationalities of the green movement. He is not a fan of electric cars. Ian Hobday, who runs Liberty Electric Cars, took Evan and Mr Lomborg for a ride.

18 Jan2013

Enthusiastic solar energy story on American ABC

Published by ABC News

2013-01-18 Bjørn Lomborg cautions the enthusiasm, pointing out that yes, solar could cover much of our energy future, but it needs to be much cheaper and we need to have fixed storage first.

17 Jan2013

John Stossel Show with Lomborg

Published by Fox Business Channel

Bjørn Lomborg was on the John Stossel show Jan 10, 2013. For the transcript of the conversation, see PDF.

17 Dec2012

How to tackle global warming - and how not to

Published by CEVRO Institute

Bjørn Lomborg's talk at the CEVRO Institute in Prague, 11 Dec, 2012. Length: 1h 33min

26 Nov2012

Interview with Lomborg, Radio 24syv

Published by Radio 24SYV

26. november 2012 - kl. 15.05 Vi fortæller dig, hvad der er sket, siden du kørte på arbejde. Følger op på dagens store nyheder og begivenheder, analyserer den seneste politiske udvikling og giver dig de nyeste tal fra business-verdenen. Katrine Brahl Petersen, Ulrik Aarhus og Esben Kjær. Bjorn Lomborg from 37. minute

27 Oct2012

Fox News Reporting: Behind Obama’s Green Agenda

Published by Fox News

Fox interview with Bjørn Lomborg. Watch it online (only available from the USA)