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30 Nov2015

Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem?

Published by PragerU

Is man-made climate change our biggest problem? Are the wildfires, droughts and hurricanes we see on the news an omen of even worse things to come? The United Nations and many political leaders think so and want to spend trillions of tax dollars to reverse the warming trend. Are they right? Will the enormous cost justify the gain? Economist Bjorn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, explains the key issues and reaches some sobering conclusions.

24 Jun2015

Green Revolution 2.0: Ensuring Food Security Through Agricultural R&D

In developing countries more than three-quarters of food waste occurs before it reaches consumers, through inefficient agriculture.

17 Jun2015

Opinion Journal: Bang for the Development Buck

Published by Wall Street Journal

Copenhagen Consensus Center Director Bjorn Lomborg explains how the United Nations can set rational goals for its next antipoverty agenda.

29 Jul2014

Bjorn Lomborg recently gave testimony to the US Senate

Current climate action is more costly than inaction, even if politicians were smart. Bjorn Lomborg recently gave testimony to the US Senate in regard to the economic and budgetary consequences of climate change.The cost of climate action is likely to cost at least twice as much as climate inaction in this century. Lomborg presented how green energy research could show a way out of this dilemma. Renowned climate scientist Prof. Judith Curry called the testimony "important, well worth reading and pondering." Read Lomborg's testimony or watch the full hearings on webcasts from the...

25 Jun2014

Two Videos That Illuminate Energy Poverty

Published by Gates Notes

On his personal web-page, Bill Gates highlights Bjorn Lomborg's arguments: the 3 billion people living in energy poverty can’t afford today’s expensive clean energy solutions, and we can’t expect them wait for the technology to get cheaper. Gates and his team produced two videos with Bjorn Lomborg, in which he explains why fossil fuels can fight poverty and save lives.

3 Jun2014

Lomborg on fixing the world's greatest challenges at Reason Foundation

Published by Reason Foundation

How do we best spend our scarce resources to do good in the world? In his talk to Reason Foundation, Lomborg takes you though how to prioritize the solutions to some of the world's greatest problems. The talk is based on this new, second edition of Lomborg's book How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place, available on .

4 May2014

Lomborg on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry's show

Published by MSNBC

A problem, not armageddon Media around the world asked Bjorn Lomborg to comment on the latest IPCC reports.On MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, Bjorn Lomborg discussed the effects of climate change on hunger , why we don't need to fear a global food shortage , and what will really help the poor adapting to a changing climate. You can watch the video by clicking on the MSNBC logo to the right.

8 Apr2014

Fox Business shows host Lomborg

Published by Fox Business

Fox Business channel's Varney & Co. and The Independents asked Lomborg about the UN IPCC reports' findings on climate change and how to tackle global warming smartly. View the appearance on Varney & Co. by clicking the Fox logo to the right. The video for the Independents is available here .

24 Feb2014

Lomborg delivers speech at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Published by Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Bjorn Lomborg gave a speech at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusettes on 24 February 2014. The talk, entitled "Prioritizing Our Greatest Problems Versus Prioritizing Our Efforts to Find Solutions," discussed the smartest ways to tackle today's most pressing global issues. According to WPI, "the University Lecture Series provides a forum for speakers of national and international importance to enhance scholarly and scientific learning and to stimulate the intellectual climate of the university and surrounding communities." Find out more on WPI's...

9 Jan2014

Dr Bjorn Lomborg at Creative Innovation 2013 Asia Pacific

Published by Creative Universe

Bjorn Lomborg discusses limiest to growth at Creative Innovation Asia Pacific’s annual future shaping event presented by Creative Universe.