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18 Nov2022

Climate Change Debate: Bjørn Lomborg and Andrew Revkin | Lex Fridman Podcast #339

Published by Lex Fridman Podcast

Influential podcaster Lex Fridman has a great conversation with Bjorn Lomborg and veteran climate journalist Andrew Revkin (the New York Times' first climate reporter). They discuss both the impacts of climate change and how best to respond to it.

9 Nov2022

Lomborg on The Joe Rogan Experience

Published by The Joe Rogan Experience

Bjorn Lomborg was recently a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, the most listened-to podcast in the world. He and Rogan discussed a host of topics related to climate change and environmental protection, as well as many other areas where we could do a lot of good in the world for surprisingly modest investments.

8 Nov2022

While Failing to Save the Planet

Published by Jordan B Peterson Podcast on YouTube

This is an audio version of the essay, what Bjorn Lomborg wrote with Jordan Peterson for The Telegraph, which was published right before the COP27 conference.

17 Oct2022

Climate Alarmism or Realism | Bjorn Lomborg

Published by You Tube

An hour-long podcast interview with Mark Moss, discussing the cost of climate change as well as our responses to it, including renewables, electric cars, greenwashing, biofuels and innovation.

23 Sep2022

The Heat Is On: Bjorn Lomborg on the Summer’s Record Heat

Published by Uncommon Knowledge

Climate change is not the extinction-level event it is often characterized as. Still, it is a problem we need to address, focusing on smart, effective solutions. In his latest long-form interview on climate change and climate policy on Uncommon Knowledge (filmed at Stanford University), Lomborg discusses practical ways to lower our carbon footprint and emissions, pointing out why “carbon free by 2050” probably isn’t achievable without massive energy breakthroughs coming from green energy R&D.

9 Sep2022

Fewer people are dying from natural disasters

Published by FOX News

‘False Alarm’ author Bjorn Lomborg discusses how despite liberal scare tactics, the climate is OK on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

5 Sep2022

How to Make the World a Better Place | Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer | #285

Published by You Tube - Jordan B Peterson's channel

Climate-alarmist politicians and the “intellectual elite” prioritize a vague plan for saving earth over the lives of struggling people all over the world. Governments are being forced to press their citizens, straining already fragile economic and agricultural systems, in order to appease a green utopian vision. Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer sit down with Jordan B Peterson to discuss the faults in this plan, and the people who are suffering because of it.

28 Aug2022

‘Immoral’: Rich world can’t stop poorer countries from using fossil fuels

Published by Sky News

Copenhagen Consensus President Bjorn Lomborg says it’s “immoral” to tell the poor world not to use fossil fuels. “Of course, they want to do the same thing,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith. “India, Africa, want to do what China did.”

27 Aug2022

Democrats finally passed climate legislation, does it matter?

Published by FOX News

Paul Gigot interviews Bjorn Lomborg on Biden's climate goals.

22 Aug2022

Inflation Reduction Act will have 'very little' effect on climate change: Bjorn Lomborg

Published by FOX News

President Biden enthusiastically describes his administration's new Inflation Reduction Act as "the most significant legislation in history to tackle the climate crisis." Curiously though, neither officials nor media praising the IRA are stating the actual climate impact of spending $369 billion on the bill's climate provisions.