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12 Nov2021

Innovating cheap green energy will end climate change: Lomborg

Published by FOX News

Visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution Bjorn Lomborg joins ‘Kudlow’ to discuss Biden’s radical green agenda amid coal shortage.

11 Nov2021

There needs to be a ‘sense of proportion’ on global warming: Bjørn Lomborg

Published by Sky News

Copenhagen Consensus Center President Bjørn Lomborg says global warming will have “mostly negative impacts”, but people need to have a “sense of proportion”. “When temperatures rise, you’re going to see more heat, and hence more heatwaves and hence more heat deaths,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “But what you don’t hear is that when temperatures rise, you also see less cold, less cold waves, and hence fewer cold deaths.”

7 Nov2021

Climate related disasters killing less people

Published by Sky News

Copenhagen Consensus Centre President Bjorn Lomborg says there are constantly climate catastrophes and it’s very easy to claim them as global warming. “Global warming is real and it’s very likely that it does have an impact, but what you need to recognise is that because we are richer and more resilient we’ve dramatically drove down the number of people that die from climate-related disasters,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News Australia.

3 Nov2021

Bjorn Lomborg: 'Young people are terrified of climate change but this is not the end of the world'

Published by talkRADIO

Campaigners have warned that net zero pledges made at COP26 are "doomed to fail" without regulation. But environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg tells Julia Hartley Brewer: "Young people are terrified but It's important to tell them there is less chance of them dying. This is not the end of the world." He also warns that world leaders at COP26 are trying to "force" net zero targets that will be "incredibly costly and politically impossible."

2 Nov2021

Bjorn Lomborg: 7 myths about climate change

Published by UnHerd

As the COP26 summit meets over the next couple of weeks in Glasgow, we can all expect to be bombarded with disaster scenarios, replete with stories about our species’ imminent demise. Over the last couple of days, we have had Boris Johnson warning that it is “one minute to midnight” and Prince Charles claiming that this is “literally our last chance saloon”. And of course, Greta Thunberg has already made a few appearances of her own, accusing politicians of “pretending to take our future seriously” and saying that COP26 will “lead us nowhere”.

2 Nov2021

World leaders push doomsday rhetoric around climate change

Published by America's Newsroom

Bjorn Lomborg interview with Sandra Smith on America's Newsroom. Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, emphasizes the need for smart, not fear-driven solutions to address climate change.

1 Nov2021

Bjorn Lomborg - Adam Carolla Show 11/1/21

Published by Adam Carolla Show

Author Bjorn Lomborg returns to the show to talk about the current state of Sweden’s COVID tactics and the media’s response. The two also chat about world leaders failing to attack climate change issues. Additionally, they go over various energy options including nuclear, wind, and solar. Lastly, Adam asks if Bjorn has noticed a shift in the way society has accepted his thoughts on these issues.

1 Nov2021

G20 leaders reach climate agreement, set carbon neutral goal for 'around mid-century’

Published by Fox News Channel

Lomborg also discussed the cost of carbon neutrality on the Fox News Channel.

30 Oct2021

The Biden-Europe Climate Summit

Published by Journal Editorial Report

Lomborg discussed the necessity of designing policies that work for the world's poor in order to seriously tackle global warming with Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot on the Journal Editorial Report.

17 Sep2021

Op-ed argues climate change saves more lives

Published by FOX News

Lomborg discussed the fact of fewer temperature-related deaths in an interview with FOX News, with the host concluding: "This is fascinating, this certainly was an eye-opener for me." Unfortunately, good news on the effects of climate change is bad news for climate alarmists, and they are trying to prevent these facts from being seen through censorship.