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24 Oct2018

Will eating less meat save the planet?

Published by FOX Business

Abandoning meat is now the latest advice for saving the planet, with some claiming that a huge reduction in meat-eating is "essential to avoid climate breakdown.” Lomborg discussed this subject on the FOX Business show Varney & Co.

13 Oct2018

Climate Change: The Final Call?

Published by BBC Scotland

Scientists are describing it as the final call: the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change report earlier this week predicted that global temperatures were set to rise to 3 degrees above pre-industrial levels - the IPCC says urgent and drastic action is imperative to keep the rise at one and a half degrees or less. George Monbiot the Environmental campaigner and Guardian columnist and Bjorn Lomborg who is the director of the environmental think tank, the Copenhagen Consensus Centre discuss how should we approach...

26 Sep2018

Global warming did not cause Hurricane Florence

Published by Fox Business Channel

Copenhagen Consensus Center President Bjorn Lomborg discusses how President Trump didn’t mention climate change during his speech at the United Nations and why global warming isn’t responsible for Hurricane Florence.

13 Jun2018

Venstrefløjen er fanget af en lille caffelatte-elite, der bebrejder den fattige mor, at hun ikke køber bæredygtige fødevarer til sine børn

Published by Berlingske

Bjørn Lomborg tænkte, »det var satans«, mens han læste artiklen »The Doomslayer« - dommedagsudrydderen - i magasinet Wired i 1997. Han var grebet af historien om en økonom, der siden barndommen afskyede vedtagne sandheder og altid søgte fakta

4 Apr2018

Bjørn Lomborg om den globale klimaløsning: “Det kommer aldrig til at ske”

Published by Raeson

"Tænk, hvis man endte med ikke at sætte et barn i verden, fordi man var sikker på, at det hele ville ende rigtig grimt – når sandheden er, at det højst bliver en lille smule værre i en i øvrigt meget, meget bedre verden”

6 Mar2018

“Tagliare la CO2 costa e serve a poco”. Intervista a Bjorn Lomborg, ambientalista scettico

Published by Ottimisti & Razionali

Noto al pubblico come l’ambientalista scettico dall’omonimo fortunato titolo del suo best seller di 17 anni fa, Bjorn Lomborg non è un negazionista climatico ma piuttosto una voce dissenziente sulle politiche per mitigare gli effetti del riscaldamento climatico.

6 Feb2018

Dicke Luft

Published by KfW

Wie lässt sich die Erderwärmung bekämpfen? Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, Autor von „Apocalypse No!”, und Dr. Jörg Zeuner, Chefvolkswirt der KfW Bankengruppe, diskutieren über den richtigen Umgang mit dem Klimawandel und eine effektive Entwicklungshilfe.

24 Jan2018

Is climate change to blame for world hunger?

Published by News Talk 4BC

Climate expert Bjorn Lomborg has called the UN out for this, pointing out the consequences of fighting global hunger with climate policy. “Hunger is a big problem, and for a long time, we have solved it. Mr Lomborg tells Chris Smith climate change policy and labelling world hunger as a result of climate change is the most costly and least effective way to help.

22 Sep2017

The Economist Caught Between Climate Deniers and Alarmists

Published by WNYC's The Takeaway

"Climate change has been a key issue at the United Nations General Assembly this week. Meetings at the U.N. about the topic have been taking place during a season of calamitous weather events, including a series of devastating hurricanes. While he believes that world leaders cannot ignore climate change, Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, says he is concerned that precious resources are too often squandered on ineffective solutions, and that aid money could be spent on better interventions that do the most social good."