Bjorn Lomborg

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8 Oct2021

New technology is the answer to climate change: Lomborg

Published by FOX News

Copenhagen Consensus President Bjorn Lomborg argues that significant technological advancement will be the solution for climate change.

17 Sep2021

Op-ed argues climate change saves more lives

Published by FOX News

Lomborg discussed the fact of fewer temperature-related deaths in an interview with FOX News, with the host concluding: "This is fascinating, this certainly was an eye-opener for me." Unfortunately, good news on the effects of climate change is bad news for climate alarmists, and they are trying to prevent these facts from being seen through censorship.

13 Aug2021

Climate Alarmism - A Closer Look at the U.N. Report

Published by FOX News

Lomborg was also interviewed about the IPCC report by Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot for the Journal Editorial Report, FOX News.

7 Aug2021

Biden calls for electric vehicles to make up half of auto sales by 2030

Published by FOX News

Lomborg discussed US President Biden's executive order declaring that half of all new cars sold by 2030 must be electric on Fox and Friends.

16 Jun2021

Climate change panic causes public distrust, bad decisions

Published by Fox Business Network

In an interview with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network, Bjorn Lomborg discusses these claims based on findings from his latest book False Alarm.* He argues that despite climate change, humanity will still be much better off at the conclusion of the century and presents smart strategies to tackle the problem.

27 May2021

Current climate policy is 'wishful thinking'

Published by Sky News Australia

In an interview on Sky News Australia, Bjorn Lomborg points out that "the current way we tackle climate policy is really wishful thinking". "It's spending large sums of money in cutting very little emissions, mostly in rich world countries. This is not going to fix global warming, it is going to harm the poor, both in the rich world and poor world. "Really it's going to undermine the ability to actually fix climate change while of course fixing all the other problems in the world."

20 May2021

Why the World is Failing at Fixing Climate Change

Published by Chicago Council on Global Affairs

In November, the 26th United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) will set a new global agenda for tackling climate change. The presence of the world's most powerful leaders at COP26 and the elevation of climate change to the top of President Biden's agenda in the United States demonstrate just how seriously many governments and their citizens now take climate change. But what assumptions guide decision-making on climate goals and will new policies produce the right outcomes? Bjorn Lomborg offers a critical perspective on the climate agenda.

26 Apr2021

Is Everything Better Than We Think?

Published by Jordan B Peterson Podcast on YouTube

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg and Jordan B Peterson discuss a variety of topics in the realm of climate change and worldwide problems. We examine the claims made in his latest book False Alarm. Throughout the episode we touch on sustainable development goals, prioritizing problems for the world, achieving the highest return on investment, the apocalypse lens we apply to many global issues, making the poor richer, innovation, adaptation, selling and marketing solutions, and much more.

25 Apr2021

Leaders ‘went out of their way to scare us’ at climate change summit

Published by Sky News

Environmental author Bjorn Lomborg says world leaders went “out of their way to scare us” at the recent climate change summit.“They both went out of their way to scare us, but also in some ways, it was a repeat of the last 30 years of climate policy,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News host Chris Smith. “Namely, let’s make grand promises for the future, and certainly in the past we’ve then seen, not much is going to happen”.

21 Apr2021

If US is only country to cut carbon emissions, it would achieve ‘almost nothing’: Climate expert

Published by FOX Business News

openhagen Consensus President Bjorn Lomborg provides insight into President Biden’s expected climate plan.