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21 Oct2009

Emisje – szukanie winnych

Published by Racjonalista

Panika szerzy się wśród działaczy na rzecz drastycznych cięć emisji dwutlenku węgla. Zaczyna być oczywiste, że szeroko roztrąbione spotkanie w Kopenhadze w grudniu tego roku nie dostarczy wiążącej umowy międzynarodowej, która doprowadziłaby do istotnej zmiany w kwestii globalnego ocieplenia. (...) A BL 2009 Oct Racjonalista PL.pdf

12 Oct2009

Lomborg in the Russian Newsweek

Published by Newsweek

В начале сентября пятеро нобелевских лауреатов по экономике, объединившие усилия под крышей организации «Копенгагенский консенсус», огласили результаты исследования экономической эффективности разных методов борьбы с глобальным потеплением. BL 2009 Sept Russian NW-39-258.pdf

12 Oct2009

Le coût d'opportunité du protocole de Kyoto

Published by La Documentation Française

Bjørn Lomborg Ne niant ni la réalité du changement climatique, ni le fait qu'il résulte de l'activité humaine, l'auteur estime toutefois trop élevé le coût des politiques préconisées dans le cadre du protocole de Kyoto pour des résultats sans doute très modestes. Rappelant que l'on meurt globalement plus de froid que de chaud sur Terre, il suggère notamment que le réchauffement climatique est susceptible de sauver davantage de vies que d'en détruire. Il considère également qu'il est plus efficace et beaucoup moins coûteux de lutter contre les effets du réchauffement...

28 Sep2009

İklim konferanslarıyla boşa kürek mi çekiliyor?

Published by Deutsche Welle

Art arda düzenlenen iklim konferanslarının aslında pek de bir yararı olmadığını savunanlar da var. Bunlardan biri de Danimarkalı entelektüel Björn Lomborg.

21 Sep2009

Lomborg's op-ed in Forbes

Published by Forbes

09-21-2009: Climate Change: A Perilous Path Our costly ''solutions'' could be more harmful than global warming itself. Evidence is growing that relatively cheap policies like climate engineering and non-carbon energy research could effectively prevent suffering from global warming, both in the short and long term. Unfortunately, political leaders gathering at a special meeting of the United Nations in New York this week will focus on a very different response. (...)

7 Sep2009

Lomborg in Newsweek: Carbon Cuts Won’t Work

Published by Newsweek

When world leaders meet for the climate-change summit in Copenhagen this December, they will make decisions that will affect the world for many generations. Three months before that meeting, there is an alarming absence of serious discussion about what these decisions should be. What passes for debate is usually a shouting match between those who believe that climate change is not real and those who believe that it will end life on Earth. We are all, it seems, either "deniers" or "believers." (...)

7 Sep2009

Lomborg in WSJ: Technology Can Fight Global Warming

Published by Wall Street Journal

Marine cloud whitening, and other ideas. We have precious little to show for nearly 20 years of efforts to prevent global warming. Promises in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to cut carbon emissions went unfulfilled. Stronger pledges in Kyoto five years later failed to keep emissions in check. The only possible lesson is that agreements to reduce carbon emissions are costly, politically arduous and ultimately ineffective. But this is a lesson many are hell-bent on ignoring, as politicians plan to gather again—this time in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December—to negotiate a new carbon-emissions...

7 Sep2009

Lomborg's new op-ed: Adapting to Climate Change

Published by Project Syndicate

Striking the right balance between preventing global warming and adapting to its effects is one of the most important – and most vexing – policy questions of our age. It is also often ignored. (...)

7 Sep2009

Lomborg's op-ed in The Australian: Cut the carbon later on

Published by The Australian

Cutting future emissions is much cheaper than slashing present ones, argues Bjorn Lomborg AT its heart, much of the debate over climate change deals with just one divisive and vexing question: How big should cuts in carbon emissions be? This narrow focus makes the debate unconstructive. Everybody wants to prevent global warming and the real question is: How can we do that best? We should be open to other ways to stop warming, such as cutting carbon emissions in the future instead of now or focusing on reducing emissions of other greenhouse gases. Global warming will create significant...

7 Sep2009

Lomborg op-ed: Atmospheric engineering may help reverse global warming

Published by The Daily Star

In The Daily Star. Saturday, August 15, 2009 Global warming will mean that more people die from the heat. There will be a rise in sea levels, more malaria, starvation and poverty. Concern has been great, but humanity has done very little that will actually prevent these outcomes. Carbon emissions have kept increasing, despite repeated promises of cuts. We all have a stake in ensuring that climate change is stopped. We turned to climate scientists to inform us about the problem of global warming. Now we need to turn to climate economists to enlighten us about the benefits, costs, and possible...