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4 Mar2020

The Smartest Ways to Save Lives

Published by The Daily Graphic

Infant and maternal mortality are important indicators of a nation’s wellbeing and the overall quality of its health system. Over the last three decades, Ghana has achieved much improved primary care for mothers and children, but mortality rates are still significantly higher than the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Most deaths that occur during the first days or months of life could be avoided. Complications caused by pre-term birth and infections are among the largest causes of mortality in the first month, and children under five are most vulnerable to preventable diseases...

27 Feb2020

Better nutrition for prosperous future

Published by Daily Graphic

Nutrition in the pre-natal stage and early childhood is fundamental to guarantee overall health and well-being. It brings multiple benefits to the economy through a lowered rate of disease and a boost in productivity throughout life. Yet, Ghana faces many challenges and nutrition is just one of them. There are many potentially incredible solutions to challenges from malaria to education, from better transportation to more productive agriculture.

1 Feb2020

We don’t have money to burn on green mania

Published by The Australian

Scenes of devastation from Australia’s fires have been heartbreaking. How do we stop this suffering? For many campaigners and politicians, the answer is clear-cut: drastic climate policies. When we examine the evidence, this simple answer falls short. Australia is the world’s most fire-prone continent. In 1900, 11 per cent of its surface burned annually. These days, 5 per cent of the country burns every year. By the end of the century, if we do not stop climate change, higher temperatures and an increase in aridity will likely mean a 0.7 percentage point increase in burnt area, an increase...

17 Jan2020

The IMF’s Huge Miscalculation of Energy Subsidies

Published by Forbes

Over the past year, climate campaigners didn’t grow tired of claiming that the fossil fuel industry received “a whopping $5.2 trillion in subsidies” in 2017, equivalent to 6.5 percent of global GDP. Quoting an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that suggests the US alone wastes $649 billion annually, Rolling Stone declared that “the United States has spent more subsidizing fossil fuels in recent years than it has on defense spending.“

25 Dec2019

Kritikere glemmer forbløffende nok at udfordre bare én af mine pointer

Published by Berlingske

Min kronik 17. november havde tre pointer: 1) Danmarks nye 70 pct. klimareduktion i 2030 vil koste mindst 842 mia. kr. over 30 år. 2) Fordelen kan estimeres ved at bruge et studie, der hen over alle skadesmodeller og FNs fem hovedscenarier viser, at et ton CO₂ reduceret i 2030 medfører en skadesreduktion på 31 dollar. Det betyder, at Danmarks bidrag gør tre øre godt for hver krone. 3) Danmarks reduktion vil ifølge FNs klimapanels vurdering reducere den globale opvarmning med en titusindedels grad i 2100.

23 Dec2019

Mi lehet a klímaváltozás elleni harc reális útja?

Published by Index

Az emberi történelem azt mutatja, hogy az energia rendszerek átalakítása - főleg nagy gazdaságok esetében - hosszú időt, akár 50-100 évet is igénybe vesz. Az EU előtt álló 30 év nagyon kevésnek tűnik, hogy ezt a teljes változást végre lehessen hajtani és a célként kitűzött nettó nulla üvegház hatású gáz emissziót elérje a 28 tagállam. Ráadásul először fordul elő az emberiség története során, hogy a kibocsátás csökkentése a cél és nem kizárólag az, hogy javítsunk az energiarendszer hatékonyságán. A múltban ugyanis mindig az a rendszer diadalmaskodott, amely javítani tudott az egységnyi...

20 Dec2019

Empty Gestures on Climate Change

Published by Project Syndicate

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, wash your clothes in cold water, eat less meat, recycle more, and buy an electric car: we are being bombarded with instructions from climate campaigners, environmentalists, and the media about the everyday steps we all must take to tackle climate change. Unfortunately, these appeals trivialize the challenge of global warming and divert our attention from the huge technological and policy changes that are needed to combat it.

12 Dec2019

Warum Familienplanung eine kluge Investition ist

Published by Euro

Leider haben daher viele Menschen die Ankündigung Großbritanniens im letzten Monat verpasst, 600 Millionen Pfund (700 Millionen Euro) dafür zur Verfügung zu stellen, 20 Millionen mehr Frauen und Mädchen in den Entwicklungsländern zusätzliche Möglichkeiten zur Familienplanung zu geben.

12 Dec2019

Hvis Mette Frederiksen var modig, ville hun gøre som New Zealand - men hun ville ikke kunne lide resultatet

Published by Berlingske

Jeg pointerede i min nylige kronik (17. november) at regeringens klimaløfte, der skal skære 70 pct. i 2030, vil koste mindst 842 milliarder kroner og reducere den globale temperaturstigning i år 2100 med en titusindedel grad.

8 Dec2019

Reality check: Drive for rapid ‘net zero’ emissions a guaranteed loser

Published by New York Post

The UN climate summit is underway in Madrid, and activists are sounding their usual calls for world leaders to achieve carbon neutrality as fast as possible. It’s a fool’s errand. From California to France to Chile, environmentalists laud leaders for already making the promise, and sometimes even passing legislation, to stop putting more greenhouse gases into the air than they take out.