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3 Jun2021

Pressão pelo clima nos tribunais

Published by O Globo

Apesar da intensa preocupação com o clima, os eleitores têm mostrado baixa disposição para gastar os trilhões que permitiriam um corte drástico nas emissões de gases.

28 May2021

A plot against the poor: Beware the carbon tariffs that’ll act as back-door protectionism for rich countries

Published by Times of India

To tackle climate change, rich nations are promising to end fossil fuel use in 29 years. As this becomes excruciatingly costly, the G7 is now thinking about making the world’s poor pay for it. That’ll go badly. The rich world has seen an incredible development on the back of enormous increases in mostly fossil fuel energy. A couple of hundred years ago, the most available powers came from backbreaking human work. Even by the end of the 1800s, human labor made up 94% of all industrial workers in the US. Today, it constitutes just 8%. If we think of the energy we use in terms of “servants”,...

27 May2021

Current climate policy is 'wishful thinking'

Published by Sky News Australia

In an interview on Sky News Australia, Bjorn Lomborg points out that "the current way we tackle climate policy is really wishful thinking". "It's spending large sums of money in cutting very little emissions, mostly in rich world countries. This is not going to fix global warming, it is going to harm the poor, both in the rich world and poor world. "Really it's going to undermine the ability to actually fix climate change while of course fixing all the other problems in the world."

27 May2021

Wie Klimaklagen den Armen schaden

Published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Wohlmeinende Aktivisten versuchen, den Klimaschutz auf Kosten aller anderen erstrebenswerten Ziele zu erzwingen.

22 May2021

Green activists are courting a humanitarian catastrophe

Published by The Australian

Despite intense climate worries, electorates have been unwilling to spend the trillions needed to cut emissions dramatically. That is why climate campaigners have increasingly pursued a new strategy by forcing climate policy through courts. Across the world, the UN now counts at least 1550 such climate cases in 38 countries, including Australia, often filed by young people invoking a fear for their ­future. Unfortunately, such cases undermine democracy, harm the poor, and sidetrack us from smarter ways to fix the climate. Since the beginning of climate negotiations, it has been hard to compel...

22 May2021

Unsere hilflose Klimapolitik sollen jetzt die Armen der Welt bezahlen

Published by Die Welt

Dank des Lockdowns wurden im Jahr 2020 die Klimaziele vieler reicher Länder zwar erreicht. Rechnerisch bräuchte es aber schon 2030 elf solcher Shutdowns. Und dann ist da noch das Problem „der anderen sechs Milliarden Menschen“, die jetzt die wahren Kosten tragen sollen.

21 May2021

Klimataktivism via juridik straffar sig

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

Att driva igenom dyr klimatpolitik genom domstolsutslag har ett demokratiskt pris.

20 May2021

Pressing Pause In Climate Alarmism In Favor Of Smarter Solutions

Published by Forbes

At his recent World Leaders Climate Summit, President Biden repeated his claim that climate change presents an "existential threat." This pervasive climate alarmism is the culmination of persistent eco-anxiety over the past decades. Already in 1982, the United Nations was predicting that climate change along with other environmental concerns could cause a worldwide “devastation as complete, as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust” by the year 2000. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

20 May2021

Why the World is Failing at Fixing Climate Change

Published by Chicago Council on Global Affairs

In November, the 26th United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) will set a new global agenda for tackling climate change. The presence of the world's most powerful leaders at COP26 and the elevation of climate change to the top of President Biden's agenda in the United States demonstrate just how seriously many governments and their citizens now take climate change. But what assumptions guide decision-making on climate goals and will new policies produce the right outcomes? Bjorn Lomborg offers a critical perspective on the climate agenda.

19 May2021

La política climática no debe forzarse en tribunales de justicia

Published by Milenio

Apesar de la intensa preocupación por el clima, los electores no han estado dispuestos a gastar los billones necesarios para reducir drásticamente las emisiones. Por ello, los defensores del clima han recurrido cada vez más a una nueva estrategia: forzar la política climática a través de los tribunales de justicia.