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27 Jul2022

The rich world’s message to the poor: Fossil fuels for me but not for thee

Published by Financial Post

The rich world’s fossil fuel hypocrisy is on full display in its response to the global energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While the wealthy G7 countries admonish the world’s poor to use only renewables because of climate concerns, Europe and the United States are going begging to Arab nations to expand oil production, Germany is reopening coal power plants and Spain and Italy are ramping up African gas production. So many European countries have asked Botswana to mine more coal it will have to triple its exports.

26 Jul2022

Policy Expert Bjorn Lomborg on the Failure of the Left's "Green" Policy Plus Kevin Hassett on Biden's Lies

Published by The Laura Ingraham Show

The Left’s greeniac agenda isn’t just destroying America -- the entire world is crumbling under the weight of their radical agenda. Former director of the Danish government's Environmental Assessment Institute Bjorn Lomborg joins Laura to expose what’s at the root of the elites’ plot to destroy the energy sector. Plus, Kevin Hassett stops by to slam the Biden admin’s attempt to redefine basic economic terms

24 Jul2022

WSJ Opinion: How the Climate Elite Spread Misery

Published by Wall Street Journal

Bjorn Lomborg writes in The Wall Street Journal that when people are cold, hungry and broke, they rebel. If the elites continue pushing incredibly expensive policies that are disconnected from the urgent challenges facing most people, we need to brace for chaos.

23 Jul2022

Energia verde tem de ser mais barata e eficiente

Published by O Globo

Há três décadas, os ativistas do clima lutam para tornar os combustíveis fósseis tão caros que as pessoas sejam forçadas a abandoná-los. No entanto, agora que os preços da energia estão fora de controle, continuamos distantes de soluções para as mudanças climáticas.

22 Jul2022

How the climate elite spread misery

Published by FOX News

Copenhagen Consensus president slams political leaders for blocking smart environmental concepts that will help alleviate climate pain on 'Varney & Co.'

21 Jul2022

Tucker Carlson with Bjorn Lomborg author of The Skeptical Environmentalist

Published by Tucker Carlson Tonight

Bjorn Lomborg discussed the importance of affordable and reliable energy on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

21 Jul2022

How the Climate Elite Spread Misery

Published by Wall Street Journal

The chattering classes who jet to conferences at Davos or Aspen have for years been telling the rest of us that our biggest immediate threats are climate change, environmental disasters and biodiversity loss. They point to the current heat waves killing thousands across Europe as the latest reason to change our societies and economies radically by switching to renewables.

17 Jul2022

Srí Lanka ukazuje, jak jsme mimo, píše Lomborg. Ekozemědělství svět nenasytí

Published by Finmag

Ukrajina i Rusko patří k významným vývozcům základních potravin do celého světa: stojí za víc než čtvrtinou vývozu pšenice a velkého množství ječmene, kukuřice a rostlinného oleje. Není proto divu, že v souvislosti s válkou na Ukrajině se už začíná mluvit o celosvětové potravinové krizi.

17 Jul2022

Zwanghafter Öko-Anbau ist verantwortungslos

Published by Handelsblatt

Aufgrund der sich abzeichnenden globalen Nahrungsmittelkrise müssen politische Entscheidungsträger weltweit intensiv darüber nachdenken, wie Nahrungsmittel billiger und in größerer Menge verfügbar gemacht werden können.

15 Jul2022

Dyr klimapolitik er en bremse for udviklingen af grøn energi

Published by Berlingske

Vi løste ikke luftforurening ved at tvinge alle til at holde op med at køre, men ved at opfinde katalysatoren. Vi kom ikke hungersnød til livs ved at fortælle alle, at de skal spise mindre, men ved hjælp af Den Grønne Revolution, der gjorde det muligt at producere flere fødevarer, skriver Bjørn Lomborg.