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17 Dec2008

Lomborg and the Copenhagen Consensus in Central America

Published by Estrategia & Negocios

Método "costo- beneficio" en Centroamérica E&N, Oct 7, 2008 BL Oct 7 2008 E&N Metodo costo-beneficio.pdf

17 Dec2008

Lomborg and the Copenhagen Consensus in Guatemala

Published by Estrategia & Negocios

"Lomborg refrescó "prioridades" en Guatemala" this article was published in the E&N on Sept 5 2008 BL Sept 5 2008 E&N Lomborg refresco prioridades.pdf

17 Dec2008

Cambridge Programme for Industry interview

Published by Cambridge Programme for Industry

by Wayne Visser on behalf of Cambridge Programme for Industry for the Cambridge Top 50 Sustainability Books project, 26 August 2008 WV: So if you're ready I'll kick off with a question. It's really just a reflective this on what brought you to write the book in the first place and how has it been received since. BL Yes. Well obviously... Well not obviously, but I came from a background as I think many or even most from the western world of deep concern for the environment and a pretty general sort of background understanding of the world being in peril and certainly headed the...

17 Dec2008

En støjsender i klimadebatten: Ude i verden er han en helt. Hjemme kalder man ham en 'støjsender'.

Bjorn Lomborg is on the cover of Jyllands-Posten, one of the leading Danish papers, on Dec 15 2008. The interview with him can be read only on the printed edition of the newspaper.

17 Dec2008

PolitykA W SłUżbie ekologii

Published by Przekroj

Bjørn Lomborg, duński ekolog, autor słynnej książki „Skeptical Environmentalist” Jeśli obecny trend się utrzyma, za 12 lat będziemy wydawać gigantyczne ilości pieniędzy na walkę z ociepleniem klimatu. BL int Nov 2008 PL Przekroj Politics as.pdf

17 Dec2008

Bardzo, bardzo sceptyczny ekolog

Published by Cywilizacja

The Polish Przekrój magazine conducted a long interview with Bjorn Lomborg in November. Protokół z Kioto to pomyłka, która będzie nas drogo kosztować, Al Gore buja w obłokach, a produkcja ekopaliw jest groźna dla środowiska – przekonuje Bjørn Lomborg* w wywiadzie dla „Przekroju”. UWAGA: Ta rozmowa może wam wybić ekologię z głowy.

16 Dec2008

Lomborg in Slovak Trend Business Magazine

Published by Trend

Klíma je problém nie katastrofa - read the article in the biggest Slovak business magazine attached.

16 Dec2008

Interview with Lomborg - JoongAng, South Korea

Published by JoongAng Ilbo

After his WSJ article about President-elect Obama's future mission in the area of climate change, Bjorn Lomborg was asked by the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper to comment on making policies on climate change and on investment in alternative energy for the South Korean readers as well. JoongAng Ilbo is one of the 3 biggest newspapers in Korea. Nov 15, 2008

16 Dec2008

Copenhague, tenemos un problema

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Alejandro Alle Lunes, 1 de Septiembre de 2008 Al igual que Tom Hanks en la película Apolo XIII, cuando le informaba a su base en Houston haber sufrido una explosión a bordo a raíz de la cual estaban en problemas, son muchas las oportunidades en que América Latina le ha hecho saber al mundo de sus desventuras económicas.