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Bjorn Lomborg on The Joe Rogan Experience

Bjorn Lomborg recently sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss smart solutions to climate change and many other of the world's most pressing problems.

You can watch the full conversation on Spotify.…

Peer-reviewed journal article on climate policy

Bjorn Lomborg has published a new academic paper on climate change: "Welfare in the 21st century: Increasing development, reducing inequality, the impact of climate change, and the cost of climate policies" for the peer-reviewed journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

It shows that common portrayals of devastation from climate change are unfounded. Scenarios set out under the UN Climate Panel (IPCC) show per person human welfare will likely increase to 450% of today's welfare over the 21st century. Climate damages will reduce this welfare increase to 434%.

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Peer-reviewed journal article on climate policy

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