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1 May2020

WHO says Sweden should be world model for coronavirus response

Published by Tucker Carlson Show

Sweden is what you get when you ask experts to run the show. If we do not have a cure and we don’t have a vaccine that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, you really have three options. You can let corona rip through society, you can have moderate social distancing (which is what Sweden has done), and you can have strict lockdowns which are what many states have done.” Nobody is suggesting that you should just let corona rip through society but likewise, you need to understand that a strict lockdown is simply not sustainable.

5 Jan2020

Hvad blev der af stemmen, der turde modsige advarslerne om, at klimaforandringer vil ødelægge kloden?

Published by Jyllands-Posten

For 15 år siden blev Bjørn Lomborg karakteriseret som en af verdens 100 mest indflydelsesrige personer. Hans skeptiske holdninger til dommedagsprofetier om klimaforandringer og ifølge ham i værste fald nytteløse milliardinvesteringer til bekæmpelse af global opvarmning blev citeret vidt og bredt. Siden har klimasagen fået ekstra megen medvind – men hvad er der blevet af Lomborgs stemme undervejs? Meningerne om hans nuværende indflydelse er delte.

1 Dec2019

We are throwing money at the wrong solutions to climate change

Published by Dallas Morning News

During a recent visit with the Dallas Morning News' editorial board, Bjorn Lomborg urged policymakers to spend money on countering climate change more effectively. Rather than spending on feel-good green projects or urging people to make personal sacrifices such as giving up meat, leaders should approach climate solutions unemotionally and invest in the ideas that will do the most good for the most people. He lists four initiatives that will be key to tackling climate change: (1) a well-designed and globally coordinated carbon tax, (2) a dramatic increase in investment in research and...

29 Nov2019

We need climate policies that work

Published by CNBC

Climate change is clearly an important global issue, but we are tackling it very badly and our overwhelming focus on reducing carbon emissions also distracts us from many of the world's most pressing problems. What makes it so hard to cut emissions is that CO2 is a byproduct of prosperous economies, and replacing cheap fossil fuels with today's mostly expensive and unreliable green alternatives remains incredibly expensive. An analysis for the government of New Zealand recently showed that achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 would cost the nation 16% of GDP. In an interview with CNBC, Bjorn...

2 Oct2019

Exaggeration About Global Warming Is Greater Than Ever

Published by FOX Business

Copenhagen Consensus Center President Bjorn Lomborg discusses global warming exaggeration on FOX Business.

15 Jun2019

Politikere lever af at få det til at se ud, som om de redder alle mennesker i verden

Published by Altinget

Den kontroversielle politolog, klimadebattør Bjørn Lomborg har siden Kyoto-aftalen 1997 været en insisterende torn i øjet på landets klimaforkæmpere. Hans modstand over for den grønne omstilling har i 20 år bundet i økonomiske cost-benefit-analyser, hvor man ifølge Lomborg bruger alt for mange ressourcer på at omstille til sol- og vindenergi set i forhold til udbyttet.

10 Jun2019

Bjorn Lomborg on the Costs and Benefits of Attacking Climate Change

Published by Econ Talk Podcast

Bjorn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, talks about the costs and benefits of attacking climate change with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Lomborg argues that we should always be aware of tradeoffs and effectiveness when assessing policies to reduce global warming. He advocates for realistic solutions that consider the potential to improve human life in other ways. He is skeptical of the potential to move away from fossil fuels and argues that geo-engineering and adaptation may be the most effective ways to cope with climate change.

23 May2019

Bjorn Lomborg: Fundamental World Problems Are In Better Shape Than Ever

Published by Steve Forbes What's Next

You’ll be hit by two big things: (1) Despite the nonstop stream of depressing news, the world is actually getting to be a better place—cleaner, more prosperous, less violent. (2) By pursuing commonsensical, cost-effective programs to battle the troubles still plaguing our planet, we can achieve a level of prosperity and quality of life for all that would have been deemed utterly unattainable only a few years ago. You’ll be heartened and inspired by much of what you hear in our absorbing conversation. You’ll also be angered by the way governments and other organizations are wasting hundreds of...

5 May2019

Der Klimawandel bedeutet nicht das Ende der Welt

Published by Capital

Spätestens seit dem Aufschwung der Bewegung Fridays for Future gilt der Kampf gegen den Klimawandel vielen Politikern als wichtigstes Ziel. Der Politologe Bjørn Lomborg hält das für falsch: Regierungen sollten ihr Geld für andere Dinge ausgeben