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23 Dec2019

Mi lehet a klímaváltozás elleni harc reális útja?

Published by Index

Az emberi történelem azt mutatja, hogy az energia rendszerek átalakítása - főleg nagy gazdaságok esetében - hosszú időt, akár 50-100 évet is igénybe vesz. Az EU előtt álló 30 év nagyon kevésnek tűnik, hogy ezt a teljes változást végre lehessen hajtani és a célként kitűzött nettó nulla üvegház hatású gáz emissziót elérje a 28 tagállam. Ráadásul először fordul elő az emberiség története során, hogy a kibocsátás csökkentése a cél és nem kizárólag az, hogy javítsunk az energiarendszer hatékonyságán. A múltban ugyanis mindig az a rendszer diadalmaskodott, amely javítani tudott az egységnyi...

20 Dec2019

Empty Gestures on Climate Change

Published by Project Syndicate

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, wash your clothes in cold water, eat less meat, recycle more, and buy an electric car: we are being bombarded with instructions from climate campaigners, environmentalists, and the media about the everyday steps we all must take to tackle climate change. Unfortunately, these appeals trivialize the challenge of global warming and divert our attention from the huge technological and policy changes that are needed to combat it.

12 Dec2019

Warum Familienplanung eine kluge Investition ist

Published by Euro

Leider haben daher viele Menschen die Ankündigung Großbritanniens im letzten Monat verpasst, 600 Millionen Pfund (700 Millionen Euro) dafür zur Verfügung zu stellen, 20 Millionen mehr Frauen und Mädchen in den Entwicklungsländern zusätzliche Möglichkeiten zur Familienplanung zu geben.

12 Dec2019

Hvis Mette Frederiksen var modig, ville hun gøre som New Zealand - men hun ville ikke kunne lide resultatet

Published by Berlingske

Jeg pointerede i min nylige kronik (17. november) at regeringens klimaløfte, der skal skære 70 pct. i 2030, vil koste mindst 842 milliarder kroner og reducere den globale temperaturstigning i år 2100 med en titusindedel grad.

8 Dec2019

Reality check: Drive for rapid ‘net zero’ emissions a guaranteed loser

Published by New York Post

The UN climate summit is underway in Madrid, and activists are sounding their usual calls for world leaders to achieve carbon neutrality as fast as possible. It’s a fool’s errand. From California to France to Chile, environmentalists laud leaders for already making the promise, and sometimes even passing legislation, to stop putting more greenhouse gases into the air than they take out.

8 Dec2019

Os humanos sobrevivem debaixo de água

Published by Jornal de Negocios

Histórias alarmantes da comunicação social que distorcem os factos sobre o aumento do nível do mar são perigosas porque assustam desnecessariamente as pessoas e pressionam as autoridades a tomar medidas excessivamente caras para reduzir as emissões de gases de efeito estufa.

1 Dec2019

We are throwing money at the wrong solutions to climate change

Published by Dallas Morning News

During a recent visit with the Dallas Morning News' editorial board, Bjorn Lomborg urged policymakers to spend money on countering climate change more effectively. Rather than spending on feel-good green projects or urging people to make personal sacrifices such as giving up meat, leaders should approach climate solutions unemotionally and invest in the ideas that will do the most good for the most people. He lists four initiatives that will be key to tackling climate change: (1) a well-designed and globally coordinated carbon tax, (2) a dramatic increase in investment in research and...

29 Nov2019

We need climate policies that work

Published by CNBC

Climate change is clearly an important global issue, but we are tackling it very badly and our overwhelming focus on reducing carbon emissions also distracts us from many of the world's most pressing problems. What makes it so hard to cut emissions is that CO2 is a byproduct of prosperous economies, and replacing cheap fossil fuels with today's mostly expensive and unreliable green alternatives remains incredibly expensive. An analysis for the government of New Zealand recently showed that achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 would cost the nation 16% of GDP. In an interview with CNBC, Bjorn...

25 Nov2019

EE.UU. versus China: la verdadera tragedia comercial

Published by Listin Diario

La guerra comercial entre Estados Unidos y China ha llevado a muchos analistas a centrarse en el daño económico que sufren las dos partes: golpea los bolsillos de los consumidores estadounidenses y perjudica a los exportadores chinos.

21 Nov2019

Humans Can Survive Underwater

Published by Project Syndicate

The latest alarming news about climate change is that huge swaths of densely inhabited land will be underwater by 2050, with their cities “erased.” These reports – which appeared in The New York Times and many other media outlets – are based on a good research paper by scientists at Climate Central, but they get the story wrong. This is part of a damaging pattern. Climate change is a man-made problem that we need to tackle, but many of the news stories about its purported effects are scaring us without justification and misleading us about how to act.